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The Philosophy of Seibukai

In this article, I would like to introduce the fundamental philosophy of Seibukai Karate from several points of view. Our goal of Seibukai Karate is to achieve the level of martial arts as the lifelong martial way. Through training methodologies in combination with karate techniques and theories based in relevance of real life applications, one … Read more

The “four virtues” is formed by harmonizing the mind and the body. By taking the mind into the tanden (abdomen), we are able to shine as the Sun. Q: You have mentioned that sympathetic nervous system which is usually not controllable, can be controlled by breathing methods.  I would like to hear about this in … Read more

Yukio Nishida, president of Seibukai

Shihan Nishida became the chairman of International Karate Organization (IKO2) after Mas Oyama, the founder of Kyokushin Karate, passed away. In December of 1999, he started his own organization, International Budo Organization Kyokushin Karate Seibukai. He established his original training system of karate for life-long martial arts by incorporating traditional karate style, Chinese Kung-fu, and … Read more